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As we enjoy great Advantages from the Inventions of others we should be glad of an Opportunity to serve others by any Invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously.

— Benjamin Franklin, from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Chapter X

Open Course refers to the sharing of educational materials with minimal restrictions, usually in the context of new digital technologies available through the World-Wide Web. Its purpose is the broadest possible dissemination of knowledge, in keeping with academic tradition and counter to the current trend toward the commercialization of education.

The principles of Open Course are described more fully here: The Open Course Organization and the TLT Group.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a major promoter of Open Courses: MIT Open Courseware.

Varsity Notes provides an independent directory of freely available course materials.

The Open Course License is not fully developed yet, so for now the following will have to suffice: Open Course License 0.1.

Compendium of Open Courses and Open Course Resources

(Note: not all of these resources adhere to the Open Course License, but are in some way freely available.)

General Science: General Science

Introduction to Astronomy
Astrophysics Applets
The Shapes Of Planetary Orbits
Exoplanet Discovery Simulation
Cosmology and the Origin of Life
Universe Origins

Dr. Scott R. Anderson
University of Oregon
Bridgewater College
Bridgewater College
University of Oregon

Introductory Biology I
Biology Pages
MIT Biology Hypertextbook

Dr. John W. Kimball
University of Colorado
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Harvey Project

Introductory Chemistry I
Introductory Chemistry II

Environment: Energy and the Environment Applets University of Oregon
Mathematics: Introductory Probability Stanford University
Physics: Physics Education Technology
Physics by Inquiry
Introductory Physics I: Mechanics (calculus-based)
Mechanics Applets
Thermodynamics Applets
Introductory Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism (calculus-based)
Electricity and Magnetism I
University of Colorado
University of Rochester
University of Rochester
University of Oregon
University of Oregon
University of Rochester
University of Rochester

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